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And The Legacy Of 8 Ball Jackets Continues With An Enchanting Vintage Spell In The Air!

Despite living in the modern era, where new fashion styles keep changing like a new day, we have always felt drifted toward the vintage fashion trends that ruled the early to late 1900s brilliantly and continue to do so. Although there is no denying that today’s clothing attires are the best, the vintage vibe is always preferred more and looks as dope as it sounds. Thus, if you have been breathing in the vintage air lately, we have just the apparel to get back to; 8 Ball Jackets. And how did that happen? We suggest getting popcorn beforehand as we are about to go back in the day (not literally, of course) and learn the attire’s sudden rise and tragic fall.

The Historic Invention: All credit goes to the fashion designer Michael Hoban who sparked a sudden rise in the leather apparel fame after opening a North Beach Leather store in San Francisco in 1960. Although it took a bit of time for him to get recognition as he invented other dice and cards featured apparel before the iconic 8 Ball jacket; when he did, the attire grabbed everyone’s immediate attention, and suddenly every fashion-head was seen rocking the exquisite 8 Ball leather jacket-inspired by the last luck ball on a pool table!

The Tragic Downfall: For Michael Hoban, everything regarding the invention of the 8 Ball jacket was going smoothly. However, since every Greek hero has its sudden yet tragic downfall, things started getting bad when other manufacturers started selling the replicas at low prices. That is not it; the other retailers refused to stock the jacket as the sudden cases of the original jacket’s theft were increasing with every passing day, and the furious cases of assault involving the iconic jacket were hitting the headlines, too. In the end, Hoban closed the store in 2002, yet the variations of the famous 8 Ball jacket kept selling till the new trends made the apparel retire eventually.

Seinfeld Bringing The Trend Back: Everything related to the vintage 8 Ball jackets was laying low till the Seinfeld TV Series character David Puddy (Patrick John Warburton) decided to show up in a leather jacket with massive 8 Ball imprinted front and back logos, got the iconic name; the 8 Ball jacket man, and sparked many fashion stores to restock the apparel again. Seinfeld is a famous 90s American sitcom featuring Jerry Seinfeld as the leading character and his daily life events with his other friends. Although the show ended a long time ago, likewise the 8 Ball jacket, the series is still trending!

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