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A Discussion On The New Series To Binge-Watch; All Of Us Are Dead!

The Korean industry is the new face of the world, and we are anything but happy about the drastic yet awaited change. So, be it the BTS or BLACKPINK rocking the music industry with their exceptional music or the K-Drama industry giving back-to-back hits series; Squid Game, Hellbound, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, the world is seemingly getting better!

However, while talking specifically about the series, the newest addition to the action-adventure, All of Us Are Dead, is effortlessly taking the lead with its plot, cast, background inspiration, and exquisite outfits, which you can buy right away.

Thus, making sure you won’t miss out on anything, Jacket Hub has sorted out a detailed discussion feature on everything to know about AOUAD TV Series, including the best-selling All Of Us Are Dead Outfits Shop to be added to your wardrobe at once!

About The All of Us Are Dead TV Show:

Based on the famous webtoon comic, Now at Our School, the All of Us Are Dead TV Series takes place in a coming-of-age survival story where a zombie apocalypse outbreaks in a Hyosan High School, leading the students to act sensibly under the stressed situation and taking several choices, such as fighting off the enemies, saving the ones they love, or merely waiting for the virus to kill them eventually. Although the series does have a similar phenomenon compared to the earlier released Hellbound/Squid Game TV Shows, the compelling cultural references and time analogies make the show better and worth watching!

The Talented Power-House:

The K-Drama industry never steps back when selecting the right actors for a better cinematic adaptation! Hence, the leading cast includes Ji-hu Park playing Nam On-jo, the calm, loving voice in the chaos who isn’t afraid of putting herself before her friends. Joining Ji-hu as co-lead, the actor Chan-Young Yoon tries to protect him and his love interest, On-jo, from any trouble while making every other watcher fall in love with his charisma and alluring personality. Other than these two, famous for playing in Lookout and Sweet Revenge, the other leading actor Park Soloman plays On-jo’s other crush and bully-turned-softie, Lee Su-hyeok, and the Hospital Playlist famed actress Yi-Hyun Cho is the socially awkward yet helpful Choi Nam-ra.

The Must-Have AOUAD Outfits To Buy Asap:

With All of Us Are Dead making rounds as the top-streaming TV Series of the year, it would be impossible for us not to dig the exquisite fashion IT element happening through the characters’ wardrobe amidst the episodes. Thus, being perfect on our job, we have just the perfect yet best-selling All of Us Are Dead Outfits Shop/trending Student Uniform Jackets and Coats sorted out to help you make the finest investments. With that said, make sure to check out the featured All Of Us Are Dead Lee Su hyeok Leather Jacket, All Of Us Are Dead Student Uniform Blazer, and All Of Us Are Dead Lee Su hyeok Leather Jacket.

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