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Behind Her Eyes Jacket

Netflix’s Famous Behind Her Eyes Outfit Collection Is Here & It’s Time To Mark Them Fashion Statements ASAP!

Netflix’s multiple recently released tv-series and movies are making this year a perfect one to remember, and we couldn’t agree more! Just like that, almost everyone is adding the recently released, Behind Her Eyes to their watchlist. Plus, the show also has got enough ratings to make it seem like the best hit of this year. 

If you’ve got no idea about the plot and want a quick synopsis, it all begins with the show’s protagonist Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother, having a moment with a guy named David (Tom Bateman) and becoming friends with Adele (Eve Hewson).

However, Louise’s life suddenly takes a drastic turn when David turns out to be her new boss and the husband of her new friend, Adele. But that wasn’t enough for the creators as they have made the series more intriguing for the watchers when they start to witness something wrong between Adele and David through Lousie’s eyes. 

Now, apart from alluring everyone’s interest with a mysterious plot, the show’s wardrobe stylists have outdone most of the fashion designers out there by crafting the sizzling characters’ outfits that make their persona more irresistible than ever. And if you’ve found yourself falling for the same effect, then these two top picks from the entire Behind Her Eyes Outfits Collection would do wonders for you. So, don’t let the other apparel steal your attention, and get yourself these right away! 

Behind Her Eyes Adele Jacket

Played by the Irish actress Eve Hewson, Adele, is the key to revealing irresistible plot twists on the show that appear in the ending episodes of the show. Since we’re not going to give any spoilers, you’d have to watch the show to find out what’s wrong with Adele and David’s relationship.

But before you do that, the character has made several highlights with her magnificent outfits on the show, and the Behind Her Eyes Adele Jacket is one of them. The jacket comes with a pure cotton fabric layered with minimal yet appealing details and a classic black color to make everything classy. Shop it by clicking here.

Behind Her Eyes Jacket

The east London actress Simona Brown is playing the leading character of Louise on the show. Louise is a single mother of a kid named Adam, whom she loves the most, and begins to work at a psychiatric office where she meets David.

After long years of trying to be there for Adam, Louise has forgotten what it was like to be her true self, and when crossing paths with David and being in a confusing situation, a lot of things have become complicated for her. Just like Adele, Louise, too, has multiple fashion moments on the show and her eye-catching Behind Her Eyes Jacket is the perfect one to keep your eyes on for this season. 

With a fascinating mix of both cotton and leather fabrics, the Louise-inspired jacket comes with edible features and a forever-appealing olive green color that would feasibly make your dressing style stand out amongst others. So, don’t just read things; head straight to buying this jacket by clicking here.