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Starter Jackets & Top Sports Leagues; Here’s What To Know!

With the Olympics, Super Bowl LVI happening, and half of the world preparing for upcoming sports events, the year is in high athletic spirits! And why should it not be; football, basketball, and hockey are among the top played sports in the world, leading to the 3.5 billion population considering themselves fans of just football!

Thus, just like every year, keeping every sports fan hooked with more exciting news, Jackets Hub has covered a detailed feature on iconic Starter jackets and the top sports leagues, i.e., NBA, NFL, NHL. So, if you are ready to jump on this bandwagon with us, let’s wait no more and get started with spilling the awaited tea right away!


When the world started taking the sports spirit to an advanced level by giving into the electrifying leagues such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, the University of New Haven alumnus David Beckerman created a new vision for chic athletic wear and initiated the undying sensation of Starter jackets.

Bearing the signature satin fabric texture and other essential features such as rib-knitted cuffs/hemline and various traditional necklines, the starter jackets, aka jackets for beginner athletes, changed the face of sports clothing fashion within no time and further started making highlights with famous athletes, debuted in American pop culture of the 90s, and whatnot!

However, with Nike as a competition and facing setbacks in sales, the trend of Starter jackets went from being titled an iconic status to facing a mid-life crisis, and now a vintage sensation, which has been making sports fashion highlights lately under the ownership of Iconix Brand Group.

T H E  T O P  S P O R T S  L E A G U E S

Since we are talking about starter jackets today, how about we let you go on board with the top sports leagues related to the starter jackets, their top teams, and the best-inspired starter jackets to buy at once?!

NBA (National Basketball Association):

Consisting of 30 teams and labeled as one of the prominent men’s basketball leagues in the United States and Canada, the NBA (National Basketball Association) never fails to make headlines with its top competitive teams, including LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls.

Now buy the NBA’s Starter clothing-inspired Chicago Bulls Silver Jacket & LA Lakers Purple Satin Jacket.

NFL (National Football League):

The NFL (National Football League) is another top sports league consisting of thirty-two teams, divided between the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Likewise, the NBA, and the NFL too, have many top teams making their way to the top, such as Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, etc.

Explore the new NFL Starter Hoodies & T-shirts while buying the best-selling Bengals Starter Jacket and Cleveland Browns Starter Jacket.

NHL (National Hockey League):

Being the US and Canada’s major sports, the National Hockey League (NHL) consists of 25 US-based and 7 Canada-based teams, including the renowned Chicago Blackhawks and Seattle Kraken.

Buy the NHL-inspired Starter clothing gear, Chicago Blackhawks Starter Black Jacket, and Men’s Seattle Kraken Starter Jacket!

M O R E  A T  J A C K E T – H U B

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