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A Trivia on The Eternals Movie

The fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings something new every year is no surprise anymore. That being said, after ending the fantastic phase 3 with Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home, MCU has finally started phase 4 this year, and if you could take a guess, the Wanda Vision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, Black Widow, No Way Home all are the part of the anticipated phase 4, including the new option on the list, Eternals.

And this is not even the end; the upcoming projects of phase 4 are already in the works, and Marvel Studios has already given the awaited list of the next phase consisting of the must-watch cinematic additions that no one would want to miss!

Thus, moving back to the present situation for now, so, what MCU’s new Eternals movie is all about? Let’s find out! Also, get ready to explore and shop from the Jacket Hub’s signature, The Eternals Outfits Collection, available now.

(The movie’s Plot): Thano’s swipe and Avenger’s revenge did not just disturb the earth’s momentum but probably awakened the first-ever ancient warriors to exist in secret for decades called the Eternals and their long-lost enemies, the Deviants; hence, the battle takes place once again.

Introducing MCU’s Eternals

In comics, there were three species created by the celestial gods; the Deviants (always at war), humans, and immortal warriors, the Eternals. Although there are 30 Eternals; the film features a few of them, which are;

    • Salma Hayek (Ajak): One of the leaders of the Eternals, a motherly figure who can heal the celestials and even communicate with them.
    • Gemma Chan (Sersi): More connected with the humans on earth. She has manipulation powers and can transform things as per her desire.
    • Richard Madden (Ikaris): Another leader of the Eternals, has the super-human abilities to fly and even shoot laser beams from his eyes.
    • Angelina Jolie (Thena): Daughter of Zuras, one of the strongest warriors with the cosmic energy to create weapons in battle.
    • Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo): A fun and brave character with an altered background of association with Bollywood instead of a famous Japanese star who can emit energy blasts from his fingers.
    • Lia McHugh (Sprite): Quite an old Eternal stuck in the body of a teenager. The character plays tricks and can transform into any gender as per preference along with the invisible power.
    • Lauren Ridloff (Makkari): The fastest woman in the universe and can play a few tricks.
    • Don Lee (Gilgamesh): He is friends with Thena, has the most physical power compared to other characters, and can cook pretty well.
    • Bill Skarsgard (Kro): The leader of the Deviants, who can suck the life out of anyone in an instant.

Where Do Eternals Fit in the MCU’s Timeline

Since MCU collaborated with Disney+ the previous year, there has been certain confusion regarding where the Eternals fit in the entire timeline. Although Disney’s site is yet to be updated with other Marvel’s famous movies, labeling Eternals as the 27th project, Disney+ claims the Eternals to occur after the events of the Shang-Chai and The Legend of the Ten Rings movie and before the Hawkeye TV Series.

A Fashion Rundown on Eternals Wardrobe

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