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Meet The Top Six Fairies From Netflix’s Latest Adaptation, Fate: The Winx Saga & Choose Your Favorite!

If you remember watching The Winx Club while growing up, then you’re going to love Nextflix’s modern adaptation of the animated series called Fate: The Winx Saga. But, of course, there have been many changes to this show as just like Hogwarts or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Fate The Winx Saga portrays the other magical realm where fairies get enrolled in a college and learn about their magical powers briefly. 

Further, ever since the show has hit the screens, everyone’s been talking about it! Hence, before you dive into streaming the show, here’s the introduction to all the top six fairies that you should read ASAP! 

The Fire Fairy: 

The actress Abigail Cowen is portraying the character of Bloom Peters-the fire fairy on the show, and so far, she’s been killing it! She’s got that fierce firepower of blowing things just like the Dragon Flame. Apart from being friends with the other fairies and having a love-interest, Sky, Bloom has to keep her emotions intact as she can never get cold and change the temperature of her surroundings as her body changes. However, if she starts to feel negative about something or can’t control her emotions, the world will always be at the stake of getting burned. 

The Water Fairy: 

Portrayed by the actress Precious Mustapha, Aisha primarily holds the title of being the main water fairy amongst other fairies. Likewise, Bloom, Aisha has got the power of pulling water from lakes, rivers, ponds and throwing it confidently at her opponents to drown them away. But the show doesn’t just end here; the Water Fairy can also change the state of the water and even use the molecules around us to her benefit. 

The Earth Fairy: 

If you want to see the magic of growing plants or bending them as per someone’s will, then the earth fairy Terra Harvey (Eliot Salt) can make you witness this happening in Fate: The Winx Saga right away! Just like the other fairies, Terra can also get involved with the earthly plants and attack the opponents with them. Her father can change the solid earth surface state of earth into quicksand, and her brother can manipulate the earth’s essence as he pleases! 

The Air Fairy: 

Here comes the actress Sadie Soverall as Beatrix-the-air Fairy. She can feasibly make the thunders happen by controlling the phases of air and electricity through massive speed, temperature, and light. 

The Light Fairy: 

No one can mess with the powerful light Fairy, Princess Stella (Hannah van der Westhuizen), and that’s a fact! Throughout the season, Stella, alongside her mother, has depicted her powers by creating the blasts of light to attack the enemies. Further, she can also become invisible by manipulating the light, and her fashion sense is merely breathtaking! 

The Mind Fairy: 

Played by Elisha Applebaum, Musa-the mind fairy is whom you should consider as the strongest one right now. This fairy can easily read anyone’s mind, channel emotions, and even replace the memories just by being near to them! Now, isn’t that impressive? 

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