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All To Know About Jacket Hub’s Men’s Vegan Leather Jackets Market!

With the New York Fashion Week 2022 emphasizing the new clothing trends to try this season, including Men’s Leather Jackets, the need to have this wardrobe essential is increasing with every passing minute!

Moreover, with the regular world and the fashion kingdom promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, the demand for the specific faux/vegan leather jackets rather than the original animal hide ones has never been this high. Besides, who would not want apparel that could nail your desired fashion moment while providing no harm to animals?

And when talking about men’s fashion specifically, ditching the classics is never a good idea. But everything can still go right if we modify the classic apparel and help you walk step by step with the changing fashion trends of the year; hence, more reasons to get yourself a men’s vegan leather jacket!

Also, if you have been daydreaming about giving everyone a fascinating fashion-filled reason to talk about, exploring Jacket Hub’s newly-updated exquisite men’s faux leather jackets collection should be the first on your to-do list!
Yet, if you are still keen on opting for the original ones, let us further change your mind with everything to know about the modern variation of leather jackets, i.e., cruelty-free leather jackets.

Faux/Vegan Vs. Original Leather Jacket; What’s The Difference?

Both jackets’ basic difference is that the authentic leather jacket gets manufactured using multiple animal skins. Meanwhile, synthetic or faux/vegan or Pleather jackets are made with certain chemicals that can or cannot be harmful to the environment and living beings.

Further, while the authentic leather jacket is durable and heavier in quality, the vegan leather jackets can survive for a short period of time, are lighter, and require more care. Plus, the fishy smell due to the chemicals can sometimes be a turnoff.

How A Faux Leather Jacket Gets Manufactured

The faux/vegan variations go through the same process of manufacturing an authentic leather jacket except for selecting the fabric, which replaces the animal hides with polyester. Further, after selecting the fabric, the jacket gets imitated into an original-like leather with additional substances such as wax, dye, and chemicals, i.e., polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU).

How Your Choice Can Impact the Environment

Although the debate of choosing an original or faux leather jacket is just like veganism versus carnism, there are certain choices that you could make to make the environment better. That said, whereas vegans promote the idea of choosing cruelty-free leather jackets, the chemicals used to manufacture the jackets could be highly toxic and harmful to the environment. Yet, torturing an animal because of its skin does not feel appealing either. Nevertheless, the ongoing heated argument between choosing a synthetic or authentic leather jacket can be settled with the preference for a Faux Leather Jackets Mens crafted with harmless chemicals if you are up to saving the environment from the hazardous danger it’s been headed to for centuries now.

Jacket Hub’s Vegan Leather Shop for Men:

Undoubtedly opting for an original leather jacket is mostly preferred; the new update of men’s faux leather jackets is changing minds, too. And to show you what we are talking about, below are listed a few best-sellers from Jacket Hub’s Vegan Leather Jackets collection to add to the shopping carts right away!

Cafe Racer Men’s Leather Black Jacket:

A traditional yet still highly relevant black-colored cafe racer jacket made with faux/vegan leather texture and bearing minimal features for the sleek look.

Star-Lord Infinity War Jacket:

From the Jacket Hub’s movie jackets collection, this jacket not only has a fantastic association with the powerful Star-Lord, but its exquisite details and complimenting faux leather fabric can make any wonder happen!

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