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If You Miss Watching GOT, Here Are A Few Facts About The Show To Take You Back In Time!

It doesn’t matter what others say, but Games of Thrones still owns the title of being the most-watched show of all time. From making each episode cinematically rich with high-quality visuals to have a tremendous story of each house, to giving thrills with a captivating theme sound and turning each head with the fascinating outfits of the characters-there is nothing that can come across the standard that GOT provided till its last episode. Thus, to give this still trending show a tribute and recall the amazing memories, here are a few facts that you need to read right away. So, clear your mind, and let us get to reading right now!  


There’s still an unaired pilot of Games of Thrones that no one got to watch! 


Yes, you’ve read it right! The show creators created a whole different pilot of Games of Thrones that got everything wrong and wasn’t up to the standards of being released, neither then nor now. However, in 2019, some people got hold of the script of that unaired episode that ended up uncovering multiple details. But this isn’t over yet; the Game of Thrones book series author, George R.R. Martin, also had a scene in the unaired pilot as a guest at Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s wedding. As the creators had to direct a whole pilot once again, that scene got removed entirely. 

Do you know the hardships that Emilia Clarke had to face while becoming the fierce Daenerys? 


Although Emilia made every scene spectacular yet easy with her marvelous acting skills, yet that doesn’t mean everything was as easy as it seemed. The actress has shared about the struggles that she faced on the set during initial filming scenes multiple times. But as time passed, the actress overcame the problems and gave her best-acting shots throughout the seasons. 


The first struggle for our Dragon Mother was to eat all the hearts that seemed pretty realistic to the audience but tasted gross despite not being real. Nevertheless, the hardest yet life-threatening for the actress was suffering from two Aneurysms while making endless routine changes for the show. It was difficult, but the actress survived it all and has even a charity named SameYou to help the patients with brain injuries, etc. 


Who still remembers the show spoilers right before the new season’s release? 

Impatiently waiting for GOT’s upcoming season wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Right before the release of every season, some people used to spill all the beans about the upcoming scenes, and it was a bitter-sweet feeling for the fans. Some used to like it, and some were not a fan of this trend. If we recall this further, the most iconic spoiler of all time was Rob Stark’s about-to-happen death predicted by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. 


Don’t let your GOT fever fade away as its prequel is coming! 


We’ve saved the best for the last, and this is true! The show’s prequel is called House of the Dragon and will take place 300 years before the events that you’ve watched in the original series.


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