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Almost every comic superhero and villain has an iconic yet powerful fan base that doesn’t step back from embracing its passion for its favorite character no matter what. Just like that, apart from witnessing the fandoms for the heroes or villains, even the prominent supporting friends have got that impactful fan-base. And if you believe in Commissioner Gordon just like Batman does, then you might be aware of his fandom and immense action scenes that he portrayed in the famous Gotham series. 


If you’re not aware, before the legendary Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) story, the burning city called Gotham had ongoing evil crimes, corruption, lunatics, and with the recent planned murder of Wayne’s, only one person (GCPD lieutenant Jim Gordon) had the job to clean the city. 


Gotham is one of the most-streamed shows inspired by the comic book that takes place before the existence of Bruce Wayne, who’s known for living dual lives by running the Wayne enterprises by day and dressing up as a bat to stalk the criminals by night.


The series further portrays Commissioner Gordon as a leading character who tries to bring back the natural essence of Gotham city by allying with another renowned-blind detective Harvey Bullock. Although the original Batman never appeared on the show, yet his childhood era does help Gordon to begin the journey of bringing vengeance to the city by solving the murder mystery of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Bruce’s parents) through the undying spirit of Bruce. 


Now that we’re again aware of the basic plot, what’s a comic-based show without a handful of iconic villains? Yes, you’ve read it right. Since Gotham reflects upon the ongoing evil crimes in the city, the show also tells the audience the backstory of all classic Batmans’ villains such as Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, The Joker, and how they came into such existence. Thus, from taking everyone back in the creation-history of Gotham city to fighting off each crime by giving vengeance a chance to be born in the same city and preparing to save it at all costs, the Gotham tv-series represents the intriguing story of justice that no one has ever seen. So, if you still haven’t watched the show yet, we highly recommend performing this act instantly and don’t miss out on the juicy details in each enriched cinematic episode. 


Initially started in 2014 and ending the justice-forming journey in 2019 with its fifth season, the show is still included in the must-watch seasons of all-time charts, and we couldn’t agree more. Thus, to relive the power of vengeance once again, how about you fill your closets with the forever-trending exclusive collections of Gotham outfits, jackets, and coats that you can buy by making the most out of Jacket-Hub’s tremendous discount offers. 


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