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Here’s What to Know About the New Series Hitting the Charts, Katy Keene

In today’s world, if you are not finding any show as per your taste, there is nothing to worry about as the never-ending new and already-released suggestions will never let you get bored. Hence, from the appealing rom coms to intriguing, mysterious thrillers and most-streamed high school dramas, the world of must-watching tv shows is limitless. Moreover, with the actress Lucy Hale starring in a Riverdale spin-off, Katy Keene, consisting of the Sex and The City and Glee vibes, it would be impossible not to binge-watch the series and expect it to raise the bar! With that said, and being the best at what we do, Jacket Hub has gathered everything to know about the new Katy Keene TV Series, including the Katy Keene Merchandise, in stock now.

What is The Katy Keene TV Show About?

Considering the usual norms of today, Katy Keene’s TV Series creators have planned to fully depict the reality by representing the life of aspiring fashion designer Katy Keen in her 20s, who lives with her friends in New York. Meanwhile, Katie designs clothes for herself; her roommate/friend Josie inspires her to be a successful music artist. Joining the young artists’ group is their other friend Ginger/Jorge, who has a passion for rocking the drag queen Broadway, and a mysterious girl Pepper Smith with her head deep in fashion. Together, as these friends try to make their dreams come true, they get to experience one of the best relationships in the world, i.e., friendship!

The Cast:

Katy Keene TV Series features Lucy Hale as the leading character, Katy Keen. Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray is reprising her previous character Josie. Jonny Beauchamp is the other roommate, Jorge/Ginger, and Julia Chan is the fourth member of the young artists’ group, Pepper Smith. Other than these, the show also features American Vandal famed Camille Hyde, Lucien Laviscount from Scream Queens, and Sterling Knight from the ever-famous 17 Again!

The Beaming Fashion Moments from Katy Keene TV Series:

Since fashion is also playing one of the prominent aspects in the series, how could we have missed the opportunity to discuss the best articles from the Katy Keene Jackets & Coats collection, right?

Katy Keene Red Vest with Cape:

Although vests are already pretty appealing yet sophisticated fashion apparel, a cape variation never misses the chance to steal the instant admirable limelight! That said, who would not want to step out in a sensational red-colored cape-sleeved wool-blend vest associated with the fashion wardrobe of none other than Lucy Hale?! Also, the way the actress has styled the vest with a white button-down formal shirt, a royal blue colored velvet mini skirt, and minimal accessories has merely everyone’s undivided attention! So, grab the apparel now, and get ready to seize the day!

Katy Keene Pink and Black Coat:

Have you ever thought about rocking two colors through one apparel because the featured black and pink coat’s attractive color-blocking theme can make it happen! Also, let’s not forget the admirable contrast of such a fashion impeccable coat with a sizzling red-colored dress that has been compelling everyone to shop for this article! So, if you are in the same boat right now, shop for it now!