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Love Hard Outfits

It has been a while since we saw Nina Dobrev on the big screen, yet she has just made a comeback at a perfect time that you would not want to miss! Netflix’s Love Hard movie has been added to Netflix’s binge-watching rom-coms, and we know just the things about it to keep you hooked with everything related to it!

Besides, if we talk about the featured Love Hard Outfits, it is always understandable that Netflix has been leveling up its fashion factor in movies, and we love every second of it! And if you have been looking forward to experiencing something exactly like that, how about exploring and shopping for Jacket Hub’s movie clothing merchandise, now in stock! So, let’s begin the fun and wait no more.

Love Hard: The Plot:

With the modern-day generation losing luck in finding their soulmates and learning how dating apps work, it is easy to find yourself as a victim of catfishing (where someone else pretends to be another person). Meanwhile, the Catfish TV Show keeps exposing reality; the Love Hard movie has taken a different road towards this topic with the added effect of a possible happy ending!

Thus, the movie focuses on the not-so-lucky love life of a girl named Natalie, who swipes right on a tinder profile of an appealing handsome guy (Josh) and travels across the country to surprise him for Xmas holidays. However, unaware of the real guy’s identity behind her tinder beau’s reality, Natalie experiences a rollercoaster of emotions yet decides to help Josh keep up his reputation around his family and eventually gives in to feeling those pretty butterflies in her stomach at the end of the movie.

The Cast:

The Vampire Diaries’ famed actress Nina Dobrev is playing as the unlucky LA girl, Natalie, whereas the Crazy Rich Asians’ character Jimmy O. Yang is Natalie’s love interest, Josh. Other than these two, the Love Hard cast includes Darren Barnet as Tag (the guy in the tinder profile), James Saito and Rebecca Staab as Josh’s parents, Harry Shum Jr. as Josh’s competitive brother, and many other talented faces.

Love Might Be Hard, But Not Recreating the Movie’s Fashion Element!

Since we have earlier talked about Netflix’s movies’ perfect fashion game, how about we let you witness it firsthand, too, i.e., a few best-sellers from the overall Love Hard 2021 Jackets and Coat collection.

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