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Nancy Drew Outfits Collection – Shop Jackets, Coats & Hoodie

Are You Enjoying Nancy Drew’s Latest Adaptation So Far? Take A Look At Its Two Best-selling Outfits! Nancy Drew is not an uncommon name to us. From having endless mystery novel series to exceptional tv-show and movie adaptations, Nancy Drew always excites us, and we can’t help it. 

With that said, the recently released CBS Nancy Drew tv-series featuring Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis, Alex Saxon, Maddison Jaizani, and many more as leading characters is what everyone’s been talking about lately. 

The show not only has a captivating plotline, talented cast, or insatiable cinematography, but its eye-catching Nancy Drew outfits, jackets & coats collection is also making immense highlights in the industry. So, without waiting anymore, let us depict the top two best-selling Nancy Drew outfits that deserve your glimpse and help you make the exquisite changes to your usual wardrobe ASAP! 

Nancy Drew Ace Puffer Jacket 

Played by the actor Alex Saxon, Ace is one of the leading characters on the Nancy Drew tv-show. Throughout the show, Ace has worked along the Drew Crew to gain Nancy’s trust from time to time. Being the son of a former police officer and an unnamed librarian mother, Ace has also faced the loss of hearing after going through an accident in his younger years. But soon, he channeled his power into being a computer hacker. Currently, he works at The Claw restaurant with Drew Crew and has a friendly nature towards others. 

Besides being the charming character on the show, Alex has also made us fall in love with his dressing style, which is why his inspired Nancy Drew Ace Puffer Jacket is one of our best-selling articles. 

Puffer jackets are the most stylish clothing apparel that you can buy almost every season of the year. If we talk about the Ace’s inspired one, this comes with an excellent parachute fabric exterior, soft viscose fabric interior, has got all the breath-taking details, and a blue puffer print with a rainbow stripe is what you need to grab everyone’s attention instantly. So, if you find this jacket intriguing, then don’t wait, and shop it NOW! 

Nancy Drew Ryan Hudson Leather Jacket

As they say, the fashion OGs leather jackets never disappoint, just like that, the actor Riley Smith hasn’t disappointed the fans either with his character, Ryan Hudson. 

If we take a look at the character’s background and history, everything seems a bit complicated. Despite being one of the richest persons in town, Ryan has gone through multiple traumatic lessons in his childhood. Later, he did find his love Lucy in college with whom he wanted to be forever; however, his father had other plans and made them part away. After that, he marries Tiffany, and it seems like a heaven match on earth until he gets involved with a high-school student named George fan. 

Apart from this, Riley has also made several fashion statements throughout the show that we merely adore, and his Nancy Drew Ryan Hudson Leather Jacket is a perfect choice to get this season. It’s got an authentic suede leather fabric exterior, inwards viscose lining, minimal yet fascinating features, and attractive brown color that never fails to impress! So, if you want to look as thrilling as Ryan Hudson, then shop this before it gets sold out!