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Save-The-Date For The Peaky Blinders Season 6 & Level Up Your Dressing Style While You Wait For It!

Almost everyone is familiar with the magic of the most-watched tv-show of all time, Peaky Blinders, which ended with its season 5 back in 2019. Now, after a long break due to the global pandemic, the show is ready to be screened on all the platforms with its thrilling season 6 that has got everything to keep your interest intact from the very first episode till the last one. 


Set in the early 1920’s Peaky Blinders portrays the post-events of world war I. created by Steven Knight, the show further depicts the exploits of Thomas Shelby, who returns to Brighnham with his brothers after serving in WWI, and Shelby being the leader of the gang, tries to build a business empire his of his own and does everything to execute his plan. Till now, Peaky Blinders has released five thrilling seasons that you can stream right away, and with the 6th one being on its way, things are about to get more intriguing than ever, and that’s guaranteed. 


As per the revelation of the details of the 6th season, it’s been said that this season would be the ending season of the entire show, but that won’t put a forever-full stop on the franchise. According to the show’s creator, he’s going to change the form as the unexpected Covid pandemic has changed almost everything; thus, Steven is passionate about turning the tv-series into a worth-watching movie that would sum everything in a more appealing way. 


Now the other tempting thought that might be circulating your mind must be about the release date of the 6th season. The initial news of the sixth season being filmed came across January 2021, which indicates that either show might hit the screens at the end of 2021 or perhaps at the beginning of 2022. If you think that you’d have to wait till the end of this year, then hold that thought right there, as Jacket-Hub is passionate about making some edible changes to the way you dress by suggesting you the best Peaky Blinders-inspired outfit that you should think about purchasing this season. 


It’s no doubt that besides the strong storyline, exceptional cast, and impressive cinematography scenes, Peaky Blinders is also famous for its eye-catching characters’ outfits that never fail to steal everyone’s heart with their never-ending panache. Hence, to make that dream of yours come true, we suggest you the best-selling Peaky Blinders Thomas Shelby Trench Coat from the latest Peaky Blinders Outfits collection. 


Long-perfectly stitched trench coats have been a part of the show for as long as anyone can remember, and what could be better than leveling up your dressing sense by recreating the same iconic style of Thomas Shelby, aka, Tommy Shelby? 


If we talk about styling this classic coat, you can pair it with the same details as Thomas did, or even try your own look; it doesn’t matter as both would end up making you the one with an irresistible fashion sense that must be followed immediately. And if you want to explore more options than this, you can always go through the exotic merchandise of Peaky Blinders Men’s Jackets & Coats, available now!