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Here’s A Quick Way To Get Familiar With Starz recently released The Luminaries, Available On Screens Now!


After witnessing Marvel’s and DC’s ongoing battle of releasing endless tv-shows and movies so far, we all deserve a much-needed fantasy break! It doesn’t matter what others say, but fantasy-filled shows always have that captivating magic that instantly holds onto your undivided attention. With that said, Starz network’s recent contribution to the fantasy genre, The Luminaries, is what you need to stream right away. To help you with that and give you an epic head-start to get familiar with this show, we’ve sorted out everything that you’d want to know, including the glamorous The Luminaries 2021 Outfits collection! So, without waiting anymore, let’s just get to it. 


The Luminaries is the adaptation of a prize-winning novel series bearing the same name. It features Behind Her Eyes, famous actress Eve Hewson as a young Anna Wetherell, who travels from the United Kingdom to South Island’s West Coast amid the 1860s to search for the golden dust. But everything changes when she meets a charming boy, Emery Staines (Himesh Patel), on her journey, and both star-crossed lovers decide to fall for each other. However, things get complicated when Anna comes across a villainous mother of witches, Lydia Wells (Eve Green). The mother-witch lectures Anna regarding the zodiac stars, nature, and other cruel realms of reality. Starz mini tv-series consists of six thrilling episodes that you can stream right away and join The Luminaries’ trending fandom. 


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Inspired by the talented actor from The Tenet movie, Himesh Patel plays Emery’s character on the show, who’s bound to find his way back to Anna, but for obvious reasons, cannot. Amidst the actor’s screen time, people got hold of his inspired trench coat that has been on everyone’s wish lists ever since. Besides, when the apparel is this soothing, we can’t blame the audience! With offering a high-quality tweed fabric exterior layer lined with a soft viscose inwards layer, having the vintage yet modish features, and attractive seaweed color, we can’t see the reason why someone would not buy this!


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