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Let’s Talk About A New Fashion Addition On Our Screens, Halston- An Intriguing Take On Halston’s Glamorous Life!


Watching the same genre shows, again and again, can feasibly make you lose interest in anything. However, there’s always something that can grab anyone’s attention within an instant, and that’s what has happened ever since Netflix’s new show, Halston, has stormed our screens by featuring Ewan McGregor as the leading character, Halston. Beginning with the struggles of famous American fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, who rose to fame back in the ’70s, Ryan Murphy’s produced Halston mini-tv series has everything that you’d want to see. From depicting how Halston made himself famous then lost inspiration and facing death in the end after retiring, there’s no way you would ignore this must-watch biographical series if you want to watch something new this time! 


Here’s a detailed plot summary of Halston to get you started: 


The five-episode mini-series starts with Halston (Ewan McGregor) being already a big name in the fashion industry and owning a fascinating line of designer hats. As soon as the trend of those hats leaves the major fashion charts, Halston begins with his plan of opening a complete fashion store that would offer all apparel and not just hats. As a result, the great fashion designer holds his first-ever exhibition that becomes a disaster. Still, he doesn’t give up and strikes back with his unique yet phenomenal work this time and surprises everyone with his minimally designed ready-to-wear women’s apparel. Suddenly, as time flies, we see Halston taking over the entire fashion town with his expanded fashion line that also includes perfumes, luggage, and even carpets. In the end, just like how rapidly Halston’s fame began, similarly, his fame-flight faces a tragic end when he fails to complete his commitments, gets positive for HIV, loses his inspiration, gets blackmailed for his cocaine addiction, and retires.


Ewan Mcgregor On Playing Halston- A Famous Gay Fashion Designer Who’s Not Everyone’s Favorite;  


Since the show received backlash, Ewan disclosed he knew what he was getting into and loved each second of his portrayal as Halston. According to the actor, not everyone hates Halston, but not everyone loves him either; however, the thriving passion for success and surprising everyone with his creative mind is what McGregor loved the most about the late fashion designer. 


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