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Let’s Talk About Netflix’s Greatest Hit Tv-show, Lucifer, Returning With A Complete Season 5, This May!


It’s no surprise how seemingly Netflix is popular worldwide and available to almost every region with its endless streaming movies and shows. But if we look at some of its most-streamed and highly-ranked shows, Lucifer would easily top the chart, and we couldn’t agree more! 

A Short Introduction To Get You Started! 


The fictitious show starts by following the life of the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), as the main protagonist. Who abandons Hell, opens a bar Lux in LA, and sides with the FBI by solving tangled daily murder mysteries. But soon, things take a turn when he goes against everything that seems wrong, falls in love with a human presence (Lauren German) on whom his powers don’t work, and shows his mostly forgotten humanity multiple times. 


Although it was evident from the start how Lucifer felt about his working partner, Detective Chole Decker, yet the never-ending distances between these two made all of us pretty crazy. 


Further, the series takes a captivating take when Lucifer forms a trustable bond with Dr. Linda after having therapy sessions, resolves issues with other celestial beings, goes through multiple physical personality modifications, and transitions into a relatable character at times. Besides, how can we forget Lucifer’s charming yet unapologetic humor that makes each scene worth watching? No wonder how much we’ve fallen in love with the character and even start seeing things from different perspectives. 


To date, the show has released five thrilling seasons that you can stream instantly, and with the recent news of getting a complete season 5 at the end of this month, things couldn’t be better than this! So, how about we take you on a ride and remember everything about the show that makes it worth watching? 


The Loveable Characters With Whom We’ve Grown; 


Since the show has five seasons, it’s predictable to sympathize or feel with the main characters. Besides the main protagonist, we’ve seen the flawed characters transitioning into the good ones and revealing their vulnerable sides, i.e., Mazikeen, Dan Espinoza, Charlotte Richards, etc. Further, the eye-soothing characters that have hypnotized each viewer with their charm, namely, Trixie and Ella Lopez. Then, we’ve got sensible parents showing how we can always believe in the positive aspect of life, Dr. Linda Martin & Amendiel. Lastly, believe it or not, but we all can relate to the characters Eve & Mazikeen, who always bring out the unexplainable emotions in us whenever we don’t receive love from the person we admire the most. 


The Show Goes On With Stargazing Magic Of Music, Outfits, And Lively Musical Performances! 


When the show has an intriguing storyline, breath-taking cinematography, and high visuals to turn every aspect of imagination into a reality, it’d be a shame to miss out on other appealing factors of music and outfits, but guess what? Lucifer has it all! From adding the perfect songs in the scenes to making characters perform lively duets/solo musical performances and mastering the fashion element by making each character’s wardrobe an applaudable one, you can’t help but admire everything about this show! 


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