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The King of Fighters Clothing Merchandise

For years, the video gaming world has been making enormous attempts in the fashion industry to show everyone their brilliant skills, and so far, the result is appealingly smooth! Thus, be it the Fall Out series or Fortnite, at Jacket Hub, you will get to explore and shop from many Trendy Video Game Outfits, including the classic yet still pretty much relevant The King of Fighters Merchandise! So, please sit back and relax as we are about to take you into the fantastic fashion world of TKOF video gaming-inspired clothing outfits!

The King of Fighters XIV Terry Bogard Jacket

Inspired by one of the prominent characters in the game, Terry Bogard is also famous for representing Japanese stereotypes of an American character with a similar cliche accent. The character’s signature wardrobe includes a high-quality leather jacket with essential features and top-notch detailing. Since leather jackets are in extensive demand even today, we believe that getting this jacket would easily mean making the smoothest fashion statements! You can even replicate the character’s overall outfit to stand out amidst the crowd.

King of Fighters XIV Rock Howard Jacket

Another passionate fashion look is inspired by another character from The King of Fighters Video Game series, Rock Howard. He made his first appearance in the fighting game Garou: Mark of the Wolves, AKA the last chapter in the Fatal Fury series. The modern-day replica of the inspired jacket includes a high-quality leather texture, exquisite yet spot-on detailing, vivid colors, and guaranteed fantastic fashion moments in one. And to make all of that happen, all you need to do is place the order for the apparel now!

The King of Fighters Destiny Kyo Kusanagi Jacket

How could we have forgotten the most famous character from the overall King of Fighters gaming franchise?! Initially introduced in the 1994 video game The King of Fighters ’94 as the Japanese team’s leader, the character has consistently appeared in his signature black leather jacket and made everyone’s gaze merely worth a while! And guess what? Now you don’t have to watch your favorite characters on screen only! It’s time to buy their appealing outfits from Jacket Hub’s Video Game Jackets collection ASAP!

The King of Fighters XIV Billy Kane Jacket

Famous for making his debut in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters as the sub-boss, the character has always made everyone’s growing-up days pretty charming with his abilities and signature sansetsukon. But since we are discussing styling them other classic characters’-inspired outfits, it is impossible not to discuss the iconic Billy Kane’s blue jacket, which you can now get within just a few easy steps and make the most of the exquisite fashion game by stepping out in it!

King of Fighters Xiv Iori Yagami Coat

Iori Yagami has always stood out amongst other characters due to his unique yet almost emo-inspired appearance and antagonist attributes. Although the character has undergone many wardrobe changes, the one from the 14th installment is still memorable, including the long burgundy colored trench coat, available now at the best possible price. Plus, when it comes to styling such trench coats, we all know how any dressing style can make your apparel shine out easily! Buy it now.