Shipping and Delivery Process

In which countries do we offer free shipping?

Free shipping is offered across the world.

Estimated delivery time:

Dear customers kindly take note of the point that delivery times vary according to the customization of the product. 

  • Usually, it takes approximately 8 to 10 working days for our team to deliver your product.
  • But if you want expedited shipping you have to pay $25 then the product will be delivered to you within 6 to 8 working days. 
  • All the orders placed after 1 pm will be considered in the list of the orders placed on the next day. 
  • The delivery time varies according to the customization of the product. 
  • Custom orders will be delivered in 12 to 15 business days. 
  • Our working days are Monday to Friday.

How to track the shipped products?

Once we ship the order and provide the tracking number, it is the responsibility of the customer to follow up with the courier company. In case the order is put on hold by the courier company due to any reason, or the courier company attempts to deliver the order when the customer is not at home. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the courier company. We recommend you follow up with the courier company, once you are provided the tracking ID/number. After multiple delivery failures attempts at the provided address, the courier company might destroy the parcel and we will not be responsible in that case. 

Which courier service do we use to ship your products safely to your doorsteps?

We meticulously make your favorite attires, that’s why we want to ship them in accurate condition without getting damaged and within the given time. As we possess all the rights to choose the courier companies, we choose to dispatch the parcels by taking the services of well-known and trustworthy courier services. DHL, FedEx and USPS are the companies we take the services of. 

What if you received the damaged parcel?

Though we make sure to deliver the perfect product. But in case you have received a damaged, defective or maybe a wrong product then please reach out to our customer care service department. You must reach out to us within 30 days after receiving the parcel. But please do not use that or do not remove the tag of it, otherwise, you will not be considered eligible for our return, exchange, or refund policy.

For further details please have a look at our return, refund, or exchange policy page. 

Import duties and taxes

There is leverage for our US customers, as they are not entitled to pay the customs charges. All the orders are delivered on the DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis. According to that, our customers are liable to pay the customs charges according to their countries. Most of the countries do not charge for custom import charges because we dispatch the order as a gift. Though we provide shipping across the world and do not charge a single penny from the customers but the custom chargers. Customs or import duties vary from country to country, and there are some countries that are duty-free. So checking the custom policy is the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for the payment of local taxes and import duties. The price of the products does not include any taxes. 

If you further need any information regarding the delivery of the products and shipping charges, you can contact our customer care department. 

Following are the described points of our shipment policy in great detail to help you get your purchased item delivered to you without any inconveniences caused:

  • For a great shopping experience, while placing the details in the form please re-check them twice. Your address, name, mail address, and everything else should be in an accurate condition. 
  • We might ask you for a signature to confirm the safe shipment of your purchased product.
  • For your safety and security, we do not deliver to APO, FPO, or PO box addresses. 
  • If you have placed the orders for two products. One of them is customized and the other is not, we might take more time to construct the customized product. In this case, we may deliver the other product in the given delivery time and take a bit longer than that to deliver the customized one. 
  • Once your order is dispatched we can not reschedule the delivery to a different address, customers will have to contact a respected courier company for further actions or a solution. 

Reasons why the shipments get delayed:

We make sure to deliver the products within the estimated delivery time. But still, there are some reasons which can cause the delay in the delivery service. 

  1. In the occurrence of any natural disaster or public holiday, the shipment will get delayed. 
  2. If you have entered the wrong address in the form then we will not be able to deliver your address. 
  3. If your item is rejected by our quality control department, the item is either sent back to the production department for fixing or a new item is made. This happens once in a blue moon.
  4. If you have entered the wrong contact information then obviously your order will get late or maybe will not reach you. 
  5. Your order will face delay in the occurrence of courier company operational delays.
  6. If your parcel has encountered the custom holds then it will face a delay to reach your destination. 
  7. If you have made any amendments to the orders, your orders will reach you after facing a delay. 
  8. Due to the unexpected certainties like covid-19 and others, the orders will get delivered late.