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Three Times When The Movie Birds Of Prey Dropped Major Fashion Statements That You Should Check!


Released last year, the movie Birds of Prey by Cathy Yan, featuring Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Rosie Perez (Renee Montoya), Ewan McGregor (Roman Sionis), and many more as the leading characters, made massive highlights for some pretty obvious reasons. For instance, besides having an intriguing sequel to Suicide Squad plot that follows the inspirational story of Harley Quinn, who goes on to help a young girl after her split from the Joker, the movie also had more captivating characters and endless fashion moments; that you should acknowledge ASAP! But, before you go on exploring all those star-struck moments, we’ve already picked out the top three significant fashion outfits from the Birds Of Prey Merchandise, which appeared in the movie and have been in a trend ever since. 


Making The Most Fashionable Exit!


The movie ends up with a scene that portrays Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) driving away in the most satisfying mood after getting all that she wanted all this time and making a fashionable exit while wearing a blue-colored blazer that just stole everyone’s attention within an instant. Hence, if you, too, want to make an everlasting impression just like that, then it’s time to place the order of the best-selling Birds of Prey Margot Robbie Blazer and rule the runways as you should! 


The More Fringe, The Better! 


Fringe jackets have always been in a trend; however, the way Margot Robbie has carried her iconic character, Harley Quinn, by not only acting crazily but also portraying the worth-recreating fashion experiments and carrying them like a true fashion goddess, is what we needed all this time. Further, if we talk about Margot’s screen time in her famous Birds Of Prey Wings Jacket, the actress has shown multiple times how to rock like Harley fashionably, and we just love her! Hence, if you want to appear as fascinating as her, we recommend starting with this jacket, pairing it with other apparel just like Harley, and stealing all the fashion spotlight instantly! 


Who Said That The Villains Couldn’t Be A Part Of Making Evolving Fashion Statements? 


Just like making the positive character’s fashion sense up to the mark, the Birds of Prey movie’s wardrobe stylists have also looked upon their villain’s dressing sense! For instance, Ewan McGregor’s scene in his  Birds Of Prey Black Mask Suit, where he leaves everyone thrilled with his iconic fashionable aura, is simply one of the best fashion moments to exist in the entire movie. And we can’t help but fall in love; with each detail of this suit, especially its luminous black & golden colored print!