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Baba Yaga, aka the man sent to kill the boogeyman, walks amidst the shadowy nights, has every combat skill up his sleeve, and appears as the last face you would see before your end! And as the legend says, the guy can even kill someone with a pencil and book; let’s hope that none of us cross paths with the titular assassin anytime soon!

However, the actor playing John Wick, on the other hand, Keanu Reeves is a heartthrob, possesses a charming personality, and can rule our hearts any other day! Famous for his other successful Matrix movies series, while portraying the man of his words, John Wick, the actor has done a brilliant job, especially in terms of stealing everyone’s undivided attention with his wardrobe!

So, without waiting anymore, here’s the fashion breakdown of one of the most fashionably-perfect assassins in cinematic history and an actor everyone admires!

Although Jacket Hub’s up-to-date trending John Wick Merchandise has a perfect outfit suggestion for almost all occasions, we have selected a few inspired articles and listed them as the must-haves for this and upcoming fashion seasons.

Making sure that no one forgets his alluring aura on the screen, the featured Keanu Reeves John Wick 3 Piece Suit is a signature icon for John Wick, especially when dealing with formal meetings. Moreover, often dressed in all black or pulling off the compelling fusion of black and white, John Wick never compromises over his wardrobe, and neither should you! So, how about placing an order for this suit from the John Wick Suits and Coat collection?

Other than the suit, we have got the John Wick 2 Cafe Racer Slim Fit Jacket from one of the behind-the-scenes that you will not be able to resist, either! Designed with an appealing black and white color striped print and associated with the remarkable fashion game of Keanu Reeves, are you sure about letting such a fantastic opportunity slip away?

Besides the fashion element in the trilogy, everyone has loved everything about all of the movies so far. From starting as a heart-broken guy with a horrifying past and going on revenge for his stolen car and dead dog to facing the consequences of joining the Russian criminal organization and later doing anything he could after breaking the rules and running away to come back stronger later- the John Wick movies series is always the best choice for an action-thrilling adventure with the perfect soundtrack, star-studded highly talented cast, breath-taking cliffhangers, and on-point outfits that you can buy from Jacket Hub within just a few seconds!