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Fortnite Merchandise, Jackets & Coats Collection

Over the last few years, video games have undoubtedly changed the overall trend mainly compared to how they were back then. From offline to online features, low pixels to high picture quality despite the screen size, main and non-playable characters enhancements, realistic yet easy to play modes, top-notch graphics, and in-demand fashion outfits, it is easy to say that modern-day video games have steered their way effortlessly to the next level and have been providing both entertainment and promising careers through multiple platforms!

Thus, while still being on video games, although no one can forget the classics Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, today’s sensations such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite are leading the charts with their preferred battle royale feature, advanced graphics, compelling characters, and the inspired outfits which you can buy within an instant.

Since Jacket Hub never misses a chance to replicate the reflected fashion statements even in video games, including Fortnite, the ultimate Fortnite Jackets & Coats Merchandise is available at the best prices!

About The Fortnite Game

Initially released in 2017, Fortnite is a cross-platform online game by Epic Games and has more than 3 million players worldwide. Featuring four prominent modes, such as Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World, the highly advanced video game became popular amongst both Gen Z and Millennials within no time! Also, consisting of cartoonish characters and cinematic animated creative designs, the game is addictive and available on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and other Android devices.


Apart from the challenges and fun, Fortnite has its story-verse, divided into multiple chapters from the start.

One of the most interesting things about Fortnite is its storyline that keeps unfolding with every new season. So far, the game has released three chapters, and the story goes like this;


A comet occurs and hits the island and causes mass destruction of a few prominent places. Hence, the government’s construction around the incident site begins, leading to the discovery of anti-gravity rocks. A movie gets shot featuring superheroes and a fake rocket. With everyone focusing on the movie’s production, the earlier struck meteoroid opens, and The Visitor breaks out. Soon enough, the character steals the meteoroid rocks, powers up the fake rocket by making it functional, creates a rift in the sky by breaking back and forth into the island, and makes way for dark energy to invade the island. Due to this, the places from other dimensions in the universe get transported on the map. The earlier appeared Cube keeps hovering around the map for days, leaves mysterious marks, and gets dissolved into Loot Lake.

After a while, the other characters discover the island, including the Ice King. Turning the water into ice, the Ice King absorbs all the dark energy and starts ruling the island. His archnemesis, the Prisoner, breaks out, creates a volcano on the island, and their battle begins.

Meanwhile, the construction ground discovers a secret vault underneath the island and opens the new Butterfly dimension. The earlier built volcano erupts and destroys the island.

After this, the island featuring Cyberpunk’s futuristic idea gets developed with technology-driven places again, yet with a new enemy breaking in, the monster, who gets defeated by Singularity’s robot. The exposed zero-point collides with other timelines and gets replaced with a black hole by the Visitor.


Chapter two gives everyone a fresh start with a well-built map featuring new places, characters, etc.

Midas, a new character with the antagonist and protagonist characteristics, forms the organizations; Ghost and shadow. After a while, the character decides to go solo with the creation of a device called Doomsday and takes over the island.

The Marvel X Fortnite crossover takes place to stop the new villain Galactus from invading the island. With Galactus gone, the zero-point gets exposed again, and Imagined Order’s Agent Jones jumps on the island with other powerful characters from other timelines. However, Jones’s frequent teleportation from one universe to another makes the zero-point more unstable and an open invitation for other enemies to join. Jones betrays the IO and joins hands with the Seven to save the island.

Another enemy, The Alien Mothership, shows up, and a final battle between the Cube Queen, Imagined Order, and the Seven happens. The new universe of Gotham City opens up in another dimension with the Foundation in it, and the Cube Queen takes over the flipped island on the other hand.


Chapter three begins shortly with the new sights and Marvel characters. The awaited battle between the Imagined Order and the Seven begins with the island still being flipped.

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