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Besides Finding The Mysterious Keys In Netflix Locke & Key Tv-show, It’s Time To Shop Its Inspired Jackets!


Netflix never fails to put up a thrilling impression on its audience whenever it comes to releasing a fantastical horror tv-show. Just like that, the recent addition to this genre, Locke & Key Tv-series is making endless highlights ever since it has streaming, and we just can’t help but see where the story takes us! 


It all begins with the three Locke siblings moving to their ancestral house called Keyhouse with their mother after the mysterious death of their father. Soon after some time, the siblings Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode start hunting the eighteen magical keys appearing in different corners of the house that may lead them to solve their father’s murder case. However, amidst all this search, a demon wakes up and would do anything to take the keys back from everyone. Based on the famous comic series, Netflix’s Locke & Key is a take on mysterious love, loss, and never-ending obstacles that a family faces while surviving. Till now, the show consists of only one season; but with the recent news of its second season coming to screens this year and already getting a renewal for the third season, the show’s fandom is just happily crazy! Hence, enough with the words as now you’ve got to explore and shop from the Locke and key Jackets collection, so let’s get started. 


Locke & Key Tyler Locke Jacket


Puffer jackets are back this season and already making endless fashion highlights in the industry that are just unforgettable. With that said, it’s time to enhance the way you’ve been dressing all this time and get yourself the Locke & Key Tyler Locke Jacket. Besides being stitched to perfection with a high-quality parachute fabric, the jacket also offers a branded zipper front, rib-knitted collar/cuffs/hemline, and an eye-catching colored striped print of red/yellow on blue color. So, don’t wait and get this in-demand article before it goes out of style as soon as possible! 


Dodge Lock & Key Leather Jacket


Next up, the timeless leather jackets that never let anything go wrong with your dressing style and make them appear the best one can have! So, if you’re a fan of a classy leather jacket, then it’s time to make space in your wardrobe and add the relishing Dodge Lock & Key Leather Jacket right away. Apart from authentic leather fabric exterior and viscose lining interior, this leather jacket also has an exquisite zipper front, shearling lapel peak collar/cuffs/hemline, and painted in all black; you can’t let this one slip away! 


Javi Locke & Key Varsity Jacket


Lastly, we’ve saved the best for the last, a forever stylish varsity jacket! Hence, being someone who can’t stop admiring the exotic fashion trends and would do anything to make his/her fashion sense appear as the worth-applaudable one, then add the Javi Locke & Key Varsity Jacket to your wishlist now! Remarkably stitched with high-quality fleece fabric, this varsity jacket is one of the best things you can get for this season. Plus, with the signature varsity features presented in a stunning color combination of maroon and off-white, it’s impossible not to get this one. 


And if you want to widen your shopping options, you can always explore the Locke and Key Outfits Collection, available now.